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Meiji no Matsuei

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31st March 2005

croik8:14pm: It's a board!
Okay! I set up a board. It's a little ghetto but it's still under construction. I'm gonna make up a new LJ once we can decide on a name for this thing... ^^;;


From now on I'll update over there. Seeya around! <333
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30th March 2005

croik10:45pm: Linkie~
Okay! I don't have anything official set up but I put up some basic ideas for a new RP over on my page. Come check it out :D

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28th March 2005

croik9:57pm: I posted this over on the board, but I figure I'd put it here, too:

Alas, poor Meiji...!Collapse )
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21st March 2005

tanithkitty10:28pm: So....
No one had posted in quite a long time. Is the list dead? Is anyone still interested in continuing? I'd hate to lose such a great group of people to write with.... Can we salvage this one, or perhaps start something new?
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1st March 2005

maxineofarc7:32pm: Hello, fellow players. I just wanted to let you know that I may have to bow out of MnM soon - it's not any of you, it's not the mods, it's not the players, it's not the premise - mucho hearts to all of that. I've never tried to RP via message board before, and unfortunately the mechanics of it really aren't working for me. I'll try to come up with something more definite shortly, but felt I oughta keep you up to speed. Thanks for listening!

16th January 2005

eag10:15am: Meiji no Matsuei
So, as you know plushu has been working on trying to restore the database so we'll have the RP on the board. There's a good possibility that we won't be able to use the database, but we're giving it another try today. As you can see, it looks like the posts transferred, but it's really just links - the actual posts are missing.

Hopefully we'll be able to get going again - I know it's been a very long break, and I apologize for the downtime. I hope everyone will be able to come back. :) We shouldn't have problems for a while after now - the last time we had any board movement was 2 years ago.

Anyway, let's all cross our fingers and hope the database move works. In the meantime, you can go back and read what we have at http://archives.squidkitty.org

Edit: We're open! http://forums.squidkitty.org/index.php

10th January 2005

eag11:04pm: Kitty board
The board's back! But until we can get the post issue sorted out...


They're still working on migrating that part of the database, so do NOT post on the RPG. The rest of the board is fine.

8th January 2005

maxineofarc8:52pm: Really, really, really good-looking SAM, ambitious, not entirely stupid, recently deceased, great hair; seeks beautiful woman for friendship, philosophical discussion, possible light scheming. Pottery skills preferred, shamisen OK.

4th January 2005

eag10:09pm: Shit talking
Hasekura's suggestion board is totally stupid. Let's do a flame board instead.

3rd January 2005

eag3:36pm: Attention All Staff!
By Decree of Hasekura Hirase, a off-topic Suggestion Board has been provided for all staff members. Make sure to sign your notes and suggestions accordingly.


The Management.
eag11:11am: Kitty Board
Hi everyone,

The squidkitty board is currently down. Sorry for the inconvenience - we're having some weird problems with it.

A few posts from the last few hours of last night might have been lost, but overall the data is still there.


22nd November 2004

maxineofarc7:50am: Hello from the fresh meat
Just wanted to give a wave and let y'all know that if for some reason your interest in me extends beyond pretty, pretty Koji, feel free to friend me at maxineofarc, or if you're into cosplay, brief_music. Be forewarned that I complain a lot.

Yeah, actually I do say "y'all." And I'm not even from the South. It's just a useful word.


21st November 2004

tanithkitty8:43pm: Yay! Art!
Again, I escape the drabble challanges by doing art! XD Ha ha ha!

Eag got all my MnM stuff up in one place--huzzah! Icons, comics, and more

And my newest work: Meiji no Matsuei poster
With a bigger version for more detail.
Current Mood: artistic

14th November 2004

cosmorific9:43pm: Drabble #3: Hirase


Niisan, wake up.

What is it?

Can I sleep with you?

I know sleep is the last thing he wants, but I pretend for his sake. Every man needs his illusions.

I imagine him pushing me face-down into the futon, nearly smothering me with my own pillow. He touches me only to drive himself deeper into me. So we don’t have to think about what we’re doing.

Or why.

I grip him in one hand as I spend in the other. I cut my hand on his hard, sharp edges. Punishment for my sins.

We are both absolved.

11th November 2004

auburnimp11:54pm: Drabble #3 - Cold
I'm certain that they think me cold and unfeeling, all these new shinigami. They see me as capable and strong and perhaps a little mysterious. But I do have feelings. Feelings that can be taken advantage of if I let them show. So I don't let them show.

She knows, my partner, she sees a warmer side. I feel so responsible for her, so protective of her. Overprotective, some might say but I don't care. She is so young, so vulnerable, so new to all this that I have to protect her. I remember all too well the kill or be killed regime in place when I first arrived here and I cannot allow that to happen to her.

I suppose I never want her to become as cold as I've become; never to be as hurt as I've been.

10th November 2004

hello_sir9:21pm: Drabble Challenge 3#: Engrish and Jappy-knees
Meeting strange man today, with much skinny and strange toys. I did the talking for while, yes, but never did much more. I am more with comfort with Yoshio, I think so.

I want to do the fitting of the in, but I am not sure as to how to do so. I know that I bring some help when needed, and this is a very good thing, I should say. Sama-peoples will be very happy with me.

For now, I must practice my doing of the speaking.

Everything will go all right in time. That is how you live.
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