auburnimp (auburnimp) wrote in the_asanebo,

Drabble #3 - Cold

I'm certain that they think me cold and unfeeling, all these new shinigami. They see me as capable and strong and perhaps a little mysterious. But I do have feelings. Feelings that can be taken advantage of if I let them show. So I don't let them show.

She knows, my partner, she sees a warmer side. I feel so responsible for her, so protective of her. Overprotective, some might say but I don't care. She is so young, so vulnerable, so new to all this that I have to protect her. I remember all too well the kill or be killed regime in place when I first arrived here and I cannot allow that to happen to her.

I suppose I never want her to become as cold as I've become; never to be as hurt as I've been.
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